The City of Fort Lupton has thirteen Board and/or Committees that are composed of volunteers appointed to the Board/Committee by City Council.  

The responsibility of Board/Committee members is crucial to the success of Fort Lupton's representative government.  By sharing their experience, expertise, and time citizens provide valuable insight - the citizen's point of view - to the operations of the City and City Council's decision-making process.  Boards/Committees review new and existing operations in specific areas and suggest an appropriate course of action to City management and City Council.  

Boards/Committees openings are updated as needed.  You don't need to be a member to attend the meetings; everyone is welcome.  If you want to receive Board/Committee vacancy announcements electronically, please send your email address to  
  1. Art in Public Places Committee

  2. Board of Adjustment

    View information about the Board of Adjustment.

  3. Cemetery Committee

    Read about the Cemetery Committee.

  4. Culture Parks Recreation and Museum Committee

    Browse information about the Culture Parks Recreation Committee.

  5. Finance/Utility Advisory Committee

    Get information about the Finance/Utility Advisory Committee.

  6. Fort Lupton Urban Renewal Authority

    The Fort Lupton Urban Renewal Authority (FLURA) is the City of Fort Lupton's redevelopment agency. FLURA was formed to promote redevelopment and reinvestment within the City of Fort Lupton and to create a thriving community that is economically diverse.

  7. Golf Committee

    Obtain information about the Golf Committee.

  8. Historic Preservation Board

    See information about the Historic Preservation Board.

  9. Library Board

    Browse information about the Library Board.

  10. Planning Commission

    Learn about the Planning Commission.

  11. Public Safety Committee

    Read about the Public Safety Committee.

  12. Senior Advisory Committee

    See information about the Senior Citizens Committee.

  13. Special Projects Committee

    Read about the Special Projects Committee.