The cemetery has a Columbarium for those who choose cremation.

Approved permits are required for all cemetery markers and monuments. All monuments must be set by monument companies.

Prior Notice
When making funeral arrangements, all funeral homes are required to contact Nanette Fornof, City Clerk, at 720-466-6101 at least 48 hours prior to interment.

Service & Funeral Information
No services are provided or funerals held on Sundays and holidays. There is an additional charge for Saturday morning service.

The Hillside Memorial Fund was created in 2000 to provide an opportunity to receive donations for care and upkeep, and to make improvements to the infrastructure and facilities. Those wishing to make a donation should contact Nanette Fornof, City Clerk  at 720-466-6101.

From the intersection of Highways 85 and 52, go east to Denver Avenue (approximately half a mile). Proceed south on Denver Avenue to Weld CR 12 (approximately half a mile), then go east on Weld CR 12 until you reach the cemetery (approximately half a mile).

The cemetery is handicap accessible.