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Fort Lupton is strategically located at the busy intersection of Highway 85 and Highway 52. Fort Lupton is near Denver International Airport, I-25, I-76 and E-470 with Union Pacific railway access in the City. 
Fort Lupton is a vibrant, business-friendly city that has ample shovel-ready properties  available. We can accommodate retail, commercial, industrial and manufacturing businesses that are willing to tap into Fort Lupton's economic potential. Whatever your needs, the City’s economic development team is ready to help your organization move from concept to grand opening as efficiently and quickly as possible. Simply put, Fort Lupton provides a streamlined process that surrounding municipalities cannot match.     

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Fort Lupton, Colorado has launched a new mass notification system for it's citizens. CivicReady is a communication service available to our citizens to receive emergency and routine notifications. You have the ability to customize your notification preferences by signing up below. Communication can be received through email, text and/or phone call according to your selections and address.

Examples of routine notifications include:

  • Upcoming Events
  • City office closings
  • Road closures

Examples of emergency notifications include:

  • Severe weather alerts
  • Missing persons
  • Evacuations

We will contact you through CivicReady in the event of an emergency or other routine events based on your subscription preferences. Below you will find signup information, recent messages sent, and available groups for you to join. Signup today to stay informed!