Contractor License

All contractors are required to be licensed in the city. Please submit the application, affidavit, and insurance along with electrical / plumbing licenses if applicable. The same documentation is required for renewals. All contractor licenses expire December 31st of each year.

To apply for a Contractor License, please submit all the required documents as indicated on the Contractor License Application, failure to submit all required documents may result in a delay of your license. Your license will be emailed with a receipt.

For those contractors applying for more than one type of license, please submit payment for each license.  For example if you are applying for Plumbing & HVAC licenses, the total cost will be $150.00 ($75 each license). 

You may mail your application with a check payable to the City of Fort Lupton; fax your application with a cover page indicating who to contact for credit card payment; or email your application to Justin at and indicate who to contact for credit card payment. Please note that we do not accept American Express.  
Please contact Justin at 720-466-6104 or by email or Stephanie Darnell at 720-466-1111 or by email with any questions.

2018 Contractor License Application