Snow Plowing Guidelines

The procedures outlined in these guidelines are to be used as general directions on how snow emergencies as well as routine snow events are handled in the city.

  • The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible for the sanding and snow plowing of Highway 85 and Highway 52. They are also responsible for the sanding and snow plowing of Business Highway 85 or Denver Avenue North. On Business Highway 85 from Highway 52 to 5th Street, snow will be plowed to the center of the street by CDOT, and will be removed by the city the next day after a snow event. Any complaints or questions regarding Highway 85, Highway 52, and Business Highway 85 should be directed to Vicki Shipler, CDOT at 970-962-4025.
  • For all snow events in the city, sanding and snow plowing are directed as first priority towards streets adjacent to public facilities such as the Police Department, Fire Department, the schools, and City Hall. During any snow events, routes may be sanded or plowed at the request of emergency personnel due to life threatening emergencies.
  • For snow events under 4 inches, the city will sand the heavily traveled intersections and railroad crossings. Generally, snow will not be plowed for light snow events.
  • For snow events over 6 inches, the city will sand and plow as second priority:
    1. Ninth Street (Fulton Avenue to Weld County Road 31)
    2. Rollie Avenue (9th Street to its southern end)
  • For snow events over 6 inches, the city will sand and plow as third priorities:
    1. Fulton Avenue ( entire length)
    2. Fourth Street (Fulton Avenue, east to Clubhouse Drive, to Highway 52)
    3. McKinley Avenue (Highway 52 to Reynolds Street)
    4. Factory Circle Drive
    5. Weld County Road 16 (Weld County Road 31 to the Water Treatment Plant)
    6. Pearson Park Road (north to the Waste Water Plant)
    7. Weld County Road 31(Highway 52 to Weld County Road 16)
  • For snow events over six inches, after the first, second, and third priority streets have been cleared, the city will begin to sand and plow the remaining streets throughout the city. Alleys will be plowed with the lowest priority and only if necessary.
  • For all snow events, the city will not plow snow from private property.
If there are any questions, please contact the Public Works Manager at 303-857-6694. It is the city’s job to work with citizens who have concerns about sanding and snow plowing.