City Council


Fort Lupton is a statutory city operating under the Colorado Revised State Statutes and Fort Lupton Municipal Code- Administrator form of government. The city council consists of the Mayor, elected at large, and six Council members, two elected from each of the city’s three wards. Generally functions as a parliamentary or congressional style legislative body proposing ordinances, holding votes and passing laws to help govern the city.

Meeting dates and times

The City Council meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m., at City Hall, 130 South McKinley Avenue. The Council also holds Town Hall meetings on the Tuesday prior to the City Council meeting at 6:30 p.m., at City Hall, 130 South McKinley Avenue. The Town Hall meetings are for the public to have open discussion with Council regarding any topic.

Members                                 Term Expires

  • Zo Stieber, Mayor                               11/2025
  • Valerie Blackston, Ward 1                  11/2025
  • David Crespin, Ward 1                       11/2023
  • Chris Ceretto, Ward 2                         11/2023
  • Claud Hanes, Ward 2                         11/2025
  • Carlos Barron, Ward 3                        11/2025
  • Bruce Fitzgerald, Ward 3                    11/2023