Personal Training

The best way to get started is with a personal trainer!


A personal trainer is an individual certified to have a varying degree of knowledge of general fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients.

Meet Our Trainers

Kacy Simper 

I decided to become a personal trainer for many reasons. One of those reasons is because I love people and love to help them.  Another reason is I have struggled with my weight all of my life and had a lot of misconceptions about how to lose weight, I am constantly researching through the best books the proper and safe way to get fit and healthy.  I want to help people to get fit and stay fit.  I believe everyone is already beautiful, I just want to get them healthy.
     Certifications:  AFAA Group Fitness, AAAI for Personal Trainer, CPR/AED, First Aid

Anna Bader 

Looking good is always great, but FEELING good is what I help others work to achieve.  After playing many sports throughout high school and college, the gym became my second home.  I became a trainer to not only help people achieve their goals, but also to push them harder and further than they imagined they could go.  There is no limit to your success whether it's weight loss, building muscle, or just becoming the best YOU possible. Let me help you get there.
     Certifications:  Graduate of National Personal, Training Institute NASM-CPT, CPR/AED, First Aid


Adult Private Rates:  One Hour Sessions

1 session $40.00

3 sessions $ 104.00

5 sessions $160.00

10 sessions $290.00 (Wow that is only 29 an hour!)

Youth (8-17) Senior (62+) Rates: 30 minute Sessions

1 session $ 24.00

3 sessions $60.00

5 sessions $90.00

10 sessions $160.00

Group Rates (All age groups) 2-4 (Per Person Rates) One Hour Sessions

1 session $25.00

3 sessions $72.00

5 sessions $110.00

10 sessions $180.00

Flyer Personal Training

Personal Training (1 on 1)

Maximize your fitness potential while minimizing potential for injury, over training and burn out.  Whether you want to train for an event or everyday life, our personal trainers are experienced in a range of fitness programming and can give you the information and guidance you need to accomplish your fitness goals.

Group training

We offer group training for 2-4 people. Group personal training is a great option at a fraction of the price of one-to-one personal training, but the client still feels like they are getting attention from their trainer.

30 minute training sessions

Not sure if you are ready for a full hour with a trainer, or you just can’t fit that hour into your day the quick but effective 30 minute private session with a trainer may be the answer for you.