RFP: Intensive Survey of Residential Properties

The City of Fort Lupton is seeking proposals from qualified consultants who are interested in carrying out a Phase II intensive-level survey of historic residences.

Proposal Submittal Deadline: May 22, 2019 by 3:00 PM.

Question Responses and/or Addenda to RFP:

QUESTION: Could you please verify whether or not any questions were submitted on behalf of this RFP (Historic Residential Intensive-Level Survey - Phase II)? I didn't see responses or addendum posted on the designated webpage (https://www.fortlupton.org/483/8989/RFP-Intensive-Survey-of-Residential-Prop). Just wanted to verify in case they were posted elsewhere.

RESPONSE: No questions or other written requests were received regarding the Request for Proposals: Historic Residential Intensive-Level Survey - Phase II.